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Coolwin was founded in 2010 and has grown steadily ever since. Through experience, knowledge, passion and drive, Coolwin has become what it is today. The team works enthusiastically every day to serve our customers. There is no challenge or logistic issue Coolwin can't solve!


Coolwin is a progressive company in the world of transport, focused on growth. The continuous development of both our people and company is key. By offering total convenience, Coolwin's customers are relieved of the transport of conditioned and dry products on a daily basis. Coolwin invests in a personal and sustainable relationship in which reliability and service are of paramount importance.

Coolwin makes the difference!


With transparency and authenticity, Coolwin strives to present itself as the most reliable partner and forwarder in the transport field for conditioned and dry products. Transparent communication, a laser like focus on service quality, and the pursuit of innovative solutions ensure that Coolwin can meet all its customers' needs. Based on the motto 'a deal is a deal', we make sure you do not have to worry about your transport no more.


Our team is passionate about working on a wide range of transport projects every day. The Customer Service, Planning, Sales, Finance and Pallet management departments work together to develop the best version of Coolwin and the best solutions for our clients.

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